I have a new cd that was released on September 15, 2017 titled "Every Sunday Night". Recorded live in the studio with my working band, with incredible performances by Bobby Harden, Nick Semrad, Bill McClellan, Julian Pollack and Chulo Gatewood. It may be my best record. The recording is getting great reviews and there are links in the review section of this site. Downbeat, Riveting Riffs, Many blues and roots sites almost too many reviews to count! We also have a new video produced by William Murray here is the link;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMkxMYMfOSQ&t=7s
I recently played on the soundtrack to the upcoming Scorcese movie, The Irishman. There are several scenes in a club with a jazz trio playing. I'm not on screen but thats me playing!


    I have a residency at Arthur's Tavern, 57 Grove Street in New York City. It's every Sunday night  we start at 10:00 pm. Its going really well!! Check out the video page on this site to get a look at what happens there.     (don't forget to pause the theme music)




I am now an endorser  of Osiamo/Mooer pedals;


Moollon Guitars too!!!



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