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The Blues From another angle is here. I have lost count of how many interviews I have done regarding this recording.We have received so many positive reviews from  music critics, bloggers etc Here are some links to  just a few of the reviews:


We are also getting world wide exposure from podcasters and radio .Much thanks to Stewart Lerman, Mike Farley and Roy Holland. In other News I have been fortunate to start working with Alexis P Suter and her band. She is an uplifting spirit!!! We are also back playing, at least semi regular at the newly reopened/revamped Arthur's Tavern in NYC. Last year I did a lot of work on the TV show Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I'm on screen a bit on episode 3. Thanks to Recording King banjos and the Dove. you might see me for a few seconds next year too.I now have 7 recordings out. please look below to contact Roy Holland or me directly as we are looking to perform as much as possible!

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