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The Blues From Another Angle is here. I have lost count of how many interviews I have done regarding this recording. We have received so many positive reviews from music critics, bloggers etc.

Here are some links to just a few of the reviews:



We are also getting world wide exposure from podcasters and radio. Much thanks to Stewart ( The Dove) Lerman, Mike Farley, Paul Campbell (amazing media) and Roy Holland for their contributions to the record. The Blues From Another Angle is my 7th release as a leader. Hope you dig it!

I have been fortunate to start working with Alexis P. Suter and her wonderful band. She is an uplifting spirit!!! We are also back playing, at least semi regularly at the newly reopened and nicely revamped Arthur's Tavern in NYC. We also frequently play at Winnies Lounge in the Refinery Hotel In midtown. If you are in NYC there is a good chance you can catch us live somewhere.

Last year I did a lot of work on the TV show Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I'm on screen a bit on episode 3. The band will also appear on screen next year too. Thanks to Recording King for the banjo.

I want to apologize to the good people of Erie, Pa. as our November tour was cut short because of snow. We will see you in late April. We are setting up another road trip and hope to visit/revisit Rochester/Pittsburgh/Buffalo and more.

I am now an endorser of ~Osiamo/Mooer pedals http://wp.me/p1QYsN-px
Moollon Guitars http://www.moollon.com/front/index/intro.php
Recording King Banjos https://www.recordingking.com

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